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Nice to meet you: the Skola dress

The Skola dress and top is the latest pattern by Elegance & Elephants . And it has everything to become a classic for your girls wardrobe. It can be a top or a dress (A-line or with two other skirt options), with two collar styles and three sleeve options. As you can see, it offers a lot of possibilities for mixing and matching. I got the opportunity to test the pattern. Since the little lady of the house has her own little will, I first went trough all the possibilities with her. And she decided on the A-line dress. I decided to add the collar. Picking the fabric just took her like 5 seconds: the wales it had to be! My girl has challenging sizes. Her length matched the 5y, but she's really really slim... Her chest measurements match the 2y. So I lengthened the 2y pattern piece, and I ma so happy with the result! The fit is just spot on! Now for some details. You can make the Skola dres and top without a collar and just finish the neckline with a facing. B