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Lovely Louisa: Louisa coat blogtour

Confession #1: I've never sewn a coat before. I told myself many times I should one day, but it just didn't happen... until now! Confession #2: It's hard to say no to the opportunity to test a new Compagnie M pattern. Testing is always such a great and enriching experience. So when Marte was looking for testers for the Louisa Coat, I knew that it was going to happen... I was about to sew my very first coat! Confession#3: I'm a champion in collecting fabric for some project, some day... Over the years I found some great woolen fabrics in thrift stores and at flea markets. You know, for that coat I should sew some day... In the meanwhile, I believe I can start a small fabric store with them, or just keep on making coats... But let's start with this one, my very first Louisa coat! First, I'll tell you about the pattern. The Louisa coat is a beautiful A-line coat, inspired by the Louisa dress . And it wouldn't be a Compagnie M pattern, if it didn'